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Magic Meditations Workshops
a CD Series designed to have you experience and expand the mastery, centeredness and power in your life

Relaxation and Meditation Exercises
& Guided Meditations

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Imagine being:

master of your fears
capable of creating the
infinite resources of the universe,

open to the law of attraction.

Now imagine a series of CDs that allow you to achieve that mastery.

The Magic Meditations CD series, designed and recorded by Ina Ames, is now available. Please fill in the form below so we can keep you informed about future CDs, Workshops and offer you relaxation and meditation tips. In order to receive our communications, you must respond to the confirmation email:  

The series begins with the Relaxation and Meditation CD.  This CD provides you with relaxation and meditation exercises in three graduated lengths of time so that you can relax and meditate no matter how much time you have.  You can use this CD during the day to unwind or at night while drifting off to sleep for a deep restful sleep. 


The series continues with five workshops each represented by a individual CD.  The five workshops: are Accessing Your Intuition, Opening to the Law of Attraction, Creating Infinite Resources, Mastering Fear, and Expanding Happiness. In each workshop, you relax and meditate as well as do exercises and guided meditations that will impact important areas of your life.  Whether you use one or all six CDs in this series, you’ll bring peace, joy, relaxation and transformation into your life.

This CD also contains both the short version of Relaxation and meditation and the introduction to the series for you to preview.


For a more in-depth description of each workshop, click on its CD cover.


swan symbolizes relation and meditation Relaxation and Meditation: This CD has three lengths of relaxation and meditation exercises and guided meditations that allow you to relax and meditate in the time you have available. The exercises include breathing exercises, muscle relaxation exercises, a sanctuary exercise and guided meditations.  Your Sanctuary is a place we often use for the guided meditations and relaxation.

(See RELAXATION for more information.)


accessing intuition anthurium symbol Accessing Your Intuition:  Accessing Your Intuition has you develop your intuition, understand your intuition and use four methods to instantly connect with your intuition.  Highlights of the CD include the Dissolving Doubt Fear guided meditation, Defining Intuition, the Intuition Ability guided meditation and The Gold Energy exercise.

(See INTUITION for more information.)

expanding your happiness cd cover Expanding Your Happiness: Expanding Your Happiness has you free yourself from the powerlessness of many sources of unhappiness so that you can expand your own happiness.  This CD also provides you with the Core Belief exercise – a powerful exercise that allows you to explore your core beliefs and update them when appropriate. 

(See HAPPINESS for more information.)


mastering your fear cd cover Mastering Fear: The Mastering Fear CD has you master your fears through identifying your fears, differentiating between the fears you want to dissolve and the fears you want to keep and developing two major methods of dissolving fears.  Highlights include the Creation of Fear, the Mastering Fear guided meditation, and the Dissolving Doubt Fear guided meditation. 

(See MASTERING FEAR for more information.)


hibiscus - creating infinite resources symbol Creating Infinite Resources: Creating Infinite Resources provides you with  the freedom to create what you want.  Through shifting your relationship to resources from scarcity/abundance to infinite resources, you shift your relationship with life from a “you or me” to a “you and me”.  Highlights of the CD are the Creating Infinite Resources visualization, Creating Individual Resources exercise, Creating Infinite Resources shift, and the Core Beliefs exercise.   

(See INFINITE RESOURCES for more information.)


reflected little blue heron respresents opening to the law of attraction Opening to the Law of Attraction: Opening to the Law of Attraction has you use your natural ability to attract what you want in your life free from the barriers that we often develop to that natural ability.  The workshop provides you with the tools to remove these barriers. Highlights include the Opening to the Law of Attraction, Dissolving Barriers and Dissolving Doubt Fear guided meditations and the Golden Energy exercise.  Pairing this CD with Creating Infinite Resources provides a very powerful way of creating what you want. 

(See LAW OF ATTRACTION for more information.)


You do not need any previous courses or experience to be fully able to use these CDs.

The Magic Meditations CD series is now available. Please fill in the form below so we can keep you informed about future CDs, Workshops and offer you relaxation and meditation tips. In order to receive our communications, you must respond to the confirmation email:

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