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Magic Meditations Workshops

Relaxation and Meditation Exercises
& Guided Meditations


About the Series

Welcome to the Magic Meditations Workshop Series.  The series includes six CDs -  one Relaxation and Meditation CD with three different time lengths and five workshops – all which will help you be more relaxed, calm serene and have you improve different areas of your life.  Each CD in the series features relaxation and meditation exercises plus guided meditations that will alter your relationship to happiness, help you better use the planet’s infinite resources, provide the tools you need to create what you want in your life, expand your understanding and development of intuition and help you masterfully deal with fear.  The Magic Meditations Workshops series will dramatically impact these areas of your life for the better.


Each of the workshops has been created and abridged from live workshops and individual coaching that I’ve provided in the Greater Boston area and around the country for more than a quarter century.  Most of the original workshops are four to six hours in length.  The Workshops in the CDs address very special areas of your life.  Because the workshops offered here are recorded, you can listen to them whenever you want, wherever you are to create both relaxation and meditation and transformation in your life. Each CD also contains the short length version of Relaxation and Meditation plus previews of all the CDs in this series.


Where did this series originate?  The idea for these CD’s were came from participants in an Accessing your Intuition Workshop in Ohio in the 1980s. Delighted with that session, the participants wanted more and requested I record all my workshops so people everywhere could experience the joy, relaxation and freedom they provide without having to leave their home.  I liked that idea, so I made these CD’s.


I originally recorded the Relaxation and Meditation CD in this series on cassette in the 80’s when the students in my college-level acting class asked me to record the relaxation and guided meditations I’d used as a warm up to rehearsals.  I’d used my relaxation and meditation exercises to help them relax and be more mentally supple when performing. Few of the students were experienced performers and needed good preparation for acting a scene.  They found the exercises so effective and beneficial, they wanted  copies so that they could listen to them  before studying for an exam, taking an exam, and to help them get to sleep at night.


I’m sure you’ll find this series helpful whether you are interested in reducing the effects of stress or want to both reduce stress and improve areas of your life.  You don’t need any previous experience in relaxation, meditation or any of the areas of the workshops to benefit from this series.


I sincerely believe these recordings will make a positive, joyful and extraordinary difference in your life.


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