Relaxation and meditation swan art work
hibiscus art for Creating Infinite Resources
little blue heron art for opening to law of attraction
accessing your intuition art
mastering fear clouds symbol
expanding happiness tropical water lily symbol
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Magic Meditations Workshops

Relaxation and Meditation Exercises
& Guided Meditations

Biographies and Acknowledgments



Ina R. Ames is the creator of the Magic Meditations Workshops series and is the voice on the CDs.  Ina has taught relaxation and meditation and transformational courses, as well as provided individual coaching, since the early 1980’s.  Ina’s career has been varied.  She’s a communication professor as well as an intuitive psychic and healer and a business owner.  Ina’s focus has been to create workshops that impact important areas of life such an intuition, fear, happiness, magnetizing what you want in your life, and her promise for the world – a world vibrating with infinite resources. 


Bob Ballard wrote and recorded the music for the introductions and conclusions. Bob’s an award-winning singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer.  Bob has been writing and performing his music for more than 30 years.  See for more information about Bob and his work.


Sheila Finkelstein is the artist who provided the breathtaking photography for the CD covers.   Sheila is an inspiring, award-winning mixed-media artist, photographer, writer, and coach.  She is distinguished for the unique, remarkable ways she uses photographs and words to help release stress, create peace, inspire creativity and help individuals discover new ways of viewing themselves and their worlds. Find out more about Sheila’s work at


Scott Loiselle from Meadow Media is the production genius who made this series possible.  His skill and humor in recording, editing, mastering and duplicating this series as well as creating the background music added to the joy of the experience.  See


Kathy Versteeg is the graphic artist who designed the CD cover and inserts.  Check out her portfolio at





I am who I am and can do what I can do because of the amazing people in my life.


I acknowledge and thank my Mom and Dad, brothers Larry and Richard and my most amazing children Meri and EJ, my son-in-law Sean, and my five beautiful nieces, Noreen, Debbie, Linda, Lisa and Patti.  I am truly blessed for who you are and were and the lessons you have taught me.


My non-biological family: Fran and Bruce, Tom, Sumner, Sheila and Sam, John and Kathy, and Christine have been sources of love, empowerment, support and caring for many years.  They and my children make my life joyful every day.


I have been very blessed with the teachers - both traditional and transformational - I’ve had in my life.  To each of the following I thank for contributing to who I am as a person and especially as a teacher:  Dotty Gonson, Vic Silvestri, Don and Gay Lumsden, Mike Woodnick, the late Pete Eastman, Werner Erhard, Marjie Parrot, Randy McNamara, Sandy Robbins, Paul Turro, Julia Dederer, Bob Fritz, and the trainers of Insight.


I have also been blessed by always having the best students. To each of my students whether in my communication studies, mass media and theatre courses, or my transformational workshops and individual coaching, I thank you. You have taught me more than I could have ever taught you.


Last, I acknowledge you, my newest student, for having the adventurousness and courage to engage in your own life.


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