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Magic Meditations Workshops

Relaxation and Meditation Exercises
& Guided Meditations


Will I be able to benefit from these CDs if I’m not “new age” and have never taken other courses or workshops?

Yes.  This CD series will enhance your life wherever you are at in life.  It is written in plain English and designed so all people can comfortably gain the benefits these CDs provide.  Many of my workshops participants had never attended others.  They found they could quickly adjust to the exercises and guided meditations.  If this is new to you, you may need initially to allow yourself to relax but it will happen quicker than you think.


How do I decide which CDs to purchase?  How do I best use this CD series?


First, ask yourself is “What are the results I want to produce?”  If you simply want to relax and meditate, then the Relaxation and Meditation CD is for you.  If you want something more or specific, read the short introductions on the home page and then the longer descriptions on the individual CD pages. Trust that you’ll know which one(s) are for you.


I suggest that you listen to the CD a couple of times while you’re sitting up and remaining awake for maximum impact.  After that, you can listen while drifting off to sleep.  If you simply can’t listen to the CD during waking hours immediately, plan a time when you can and then go ahead and listen to the CD drifting off to sleep .  It’s not necessary to listen while fully awake, but that can add value.  After that you can listen to the CD anytime and anywhere.



Is there added value in using all the CDs?  Will that confuse me or help me?


I truly believe that you’ll know which CDs to buy. I’ve put them all into this series because I know that each would benefit anyone. 


If you’re not sure about getting them all initially, I suggest starting with the Relaxation and Meditation CD and  listen to the Long version several times.  That will allow you to become accustomed to the various exercises (such as muscle relaxation and 4-4-4-4 breathing) and to the various rooms in the sanctuary.


If you want to start with a different CD, then give yourself time to adjust to the exercises and the various Sanctuary rooms.  As with anything worth doing, practice is key.


What is a Sanctuary?


The longest version of Relaxation and Meditation and many of the workshops contain exercises in a Sanctuary you build.  A Sanctuary is a place in your imagination where you to go to relax and to create.  Many of the guided meditations and some of the exercises in my workshops occur in your Sanctuary.   While you create the physical appearance of your Sanctuary, your Sanctuary has specific rooms with specific purposes.  During the 80’s many transformational workshops had sanctuaries, but didn’t provide a way for participants to use them after the workshop.  The Sanctuary created in the Magic Meditations series provides both a context for many of the exercises and a place you can visit in your creative imagination anytime you want to develop an ability, play, heal, and access your intuition.


What is the difference between a guided meditation and an exercise? 


Guided meditations are a special kind of exercise.  In a guided meditation you’re requested to imagine specific images or ideas and work with them.  In my workshops and this CD series, most guided meditations are done in one of the rooms of the Sanctuary so that you have the tools of that room to support you in the guided meditation.


Does this CD series require me to believe things that are against my religion or personal philosophy?


No.  I honor and respect everyone’s choices regarding religion, including those who chose no religion, and that is reflected in this series.  I’m a teacher, not a guru. My qualifications are simply that I’ve studied, practiced, and taught this for many years. I’m happy practicing my religion but there is no proselytizing here.  Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Islamic or a member of any or no other organized religion, you should be able to use these CDs without conflict.

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