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About the Series

Magic Meditations Workshops
a CD Series designed to have you experience and expand the mastery, centeredness and power in your life

Accessing Your Intuition

anthurium symbol for accessing intuition


*The purpose of this CD is to have you able to access your intuition as well as relax and meditate.


Mastery and Power:

*The intended results are for you to be able to access your intuition anytime and anywhere using four different methods.  You will develop the ability to access your intuition consciously, mindfully and consistently instead of occasionally and sporadically.


Special features:

*Relaxation and Meditation and Guided Meditations to help you relax and be centered.

*Guided meditations help you access intuition anytime and anywhere.



*This CD will transform your relationship to your intuition so that using your intuition will become integrated into your daily life with ease and grace. 


*Notice and acknowledge when your intuition is communicating with you, this will help develop your skills at accessing your intuition. 


*Share with other people your delight at listening to your intuition and the wonderful results you create (including small things such as going to a specific store and finding your favorite shirts on sale).  As you share with other people, you affirm your own growing mastery and inspire them.

*Spontaneously using your intuition provides you the freedom to be in touch with your purposes and goals.  This allows you to attract what you want in your life.  It provides the keys to being able to access the law of attraction.


*The introduction is on one track by itself.  When you feel you’ve gotten the full value of the introduction, you can skip it.  Once in a while, go back and listen to it again.  You may hear something new.


*Don’t worry if you fall asleep while listening during the night.  You will get the results anyway.


*As with any relaxation or meditation recording, if you are disturbed and must come back to full waking consciousness immediately, you will immediately come back refreshed, aware and able to deal with any situation.




I. Accessing your Intuition Introduction

II. Muscle Relaxation

4-4-4-4 Breathing exercise*

Chakra Meditation

Locating Intuition


III. Sanctuary Building

Sanctuary Ability Room

Sanctuary Play Room

Sanctuary Crystal Room


IV. Sanctuary Vision and Healing Room

Sanctuary Intuition Room

Sanctuary Exit


IV. Defining Intuition

The Fear of Intuition

Decision Making

4-4-4-4 Breathing

Dissolving Doubt Fear

Intuition Ability


V. Golden Energy Exercise

Sanctuary Exit

Relaxation and Meditation Exit.


VI. Short Version of Relaxation and Meditation:

Relaxation and Meditation Introduction
Muscle Relaxation

4-4-4-4 Breathing exercise

Expanding Consciousness Exercise

Relaxation and Meditation Exit.


VII. Introduction to the CD Series

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