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The Opening to the Law of Attraction CD

is a relaxation and meditation CD that allows you to return to your natural
ability to create what you want in your life by opening to the law of attraction
and  dissolving both barriers and fears to opening to the law of attraction.

Magic Meditations Workshops
a CD Series designed to have you experience and expand the mastery, centeredness and power in your life



*The purpose of this workshop is for you to be able to open to your natural ability to attract and have what you want in your life, for yourself, for others and for the planet, and to dissolve the barriers that stop you from having what you want.


Mastery and Power:

*The intention of this workshop is for you to be able to open to the law of attraction, to dissolve the barriers to having what you want and to dissolve doubt/fear so you are free to have what you want.


Special Features:

*This CD includes the Opening to the Law of Attraction, Dissolving Barriers and Dissolving Doubt/Fear guided meditations and the Golden Energy exercise- all designed to help you be free  to attract what you want for yourself in life, for others and for the planet.



*If you’ve been unable to create what you want in your life, it could be for many reasons.  However, it’s not because you’re flawed, bad, evil or permanently damaged.  It’s because you have created barriers to this natural process.  This CD will help you dissolve these barriers.


*A very powerful way of opening to the Law of Attraction is to explore your core beliefs about the important areas of your life.  Core beliefs are beliefs you developed between the ages of 4–8 when you were pre-logic.   See if you find yourself stuck believing such things as you don’t deserve money, love, or friendship.  Creating Infinite Resources is a very powerful tool for breaking through the barriers created by your core beliefs.


*One of the biggest barriers to attracting what you want in your life is trying to manipulate a specific person.  The results are not very satisfactory over the long run, even if you do manage to manipulate another person.  If you are looking for a romantic relationship, ask for a romantic relationship and be specific as to the type of relationship you want and what you’re willing to give in that relationship.  In any area where you’re interested in manipulating another, acknowledge that and chose instead the essentials of what you want.


*Don’t ask if you deserve what you want.  Why wouldn’t you be deserving?  What kind of God or universe would create a world of unworthy creatures? 


*The introduction is on a track by itself.  When you’ve gotten the full value of the introduction, you can skip it.  But occasionally go back and listen to it again.  You may hear something new.


*Don’t worry if you fall asleep while listening during the night.  You will get the results anyway.


*As with any relaxation or meditation recording, if you are disturbed while using any CD and must come back to full waking consciousness immediately, you will immediately come back refreshed, aware and able to deal with any situation.


Opening to the Law of Attraction CD back cover contents


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