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Magic Meditations Workshops

Relaxation and Meditation Exercises
& Guided Meditations

The Magic Meditations Workshops

Free Workbook (Downloadable)


An accompaniment to the Magic Meditation CD series


Why a Free Downloadable Workbook?

The six CDs in the Magic Meditations Workshops Series consist of both informative tracks as well as exercises.  Even if you’ve practiced relaxation and meditation before, you’ve probably never done the exercises provided on these CDs.  You can use this free workbook to familiarize yourself with some of the exercises provided on the CDs.  You can also use this free workbook to practice some of the exercises – such as the core belief exercise - as open eye exercises.

Different people have different learning styles.  For visual learners, this free workbook helps them practice the exercises so that they more quickly learn the exercises.  I have designed the CDs so that there are a minimum of instructions.  This makes it a tad harder to learn the exercises in the beginning.  However as you listen to each CD repeatedly, you will appreciate the lack of annoying instructions as you master the exercises.  (Also remember that after you’ve listened to the introduction to each CD often enough, you can skip it. This saves you time and doesn’t distract from your relaxation and meditation.)


While this workbook is intended as an accompaniment to the Magic Meditation CD series, you will get value from reading the workbook whether you buy the CDs or not.  My commitment is for you to be able to relax and meditate.  While I’d prefer that you buy the CDs, please feel free to use this workbook as my gift to you.

How do I download this Free Workbook?


The workbook is written in six parts – one for each CD.  We’re offering you two ways to download the PDF files.

First, you can download any and all from this page.  Simply click on the link for the CD you want, the PDF file will open and you can use it immediately.  I’d like it if you’d also sign up for our emails so I can update this workbook and keep you posted.

Relaxation and Meditation Workbook PDF

Accessing Your Intuition Workbook PDF

Expanding Happiness Workbook PDF

Mastering Fear Workbook PDF

Creating Infinite Resources Workbook PDF

Opening to the Law of Attraction Workbook PDF

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Second, if you’re the type of person who will download it and forget it, we will send each of the six sections (one for each CD) to you in six installments through  First you fill out the form below.  You will need to respond to the email so that you confirm your desire to receive the emails.  You will immediately receive the workbook section for Relaxation and Meditation and then receive each of the other five once every three days until you have them all.  You’ll also automatically be entered into our email database so I can update this workbook and keep you posted.
To get the workbook in six installments, simply fill in your preferred email address and name below:

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